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Machine Design

The Needle Grinder machine by Royal Master boasts a distinctive and easily recognizable design, making it stand out even from a distance.

Its foundation is built upon a robust cast zanite base that seamlessly integrates a coolant tank and piping, ensuring a sturdy and vibration-free platform exceeding 4000+. The engineering behind this machine prioritizes ease of manufacturing and maintenance, while providing the necessary flexibility.

Let’s take a look at the initial concept that sparked our journey:

To our delight, the response was overwhelmingly positive!

After conducting extensive testing and confirming the suitability of the Robot for the intended applications, we progressed to developing the system prototype.

This prototype made its debut at MDM West in 2019, featuring a rack and pinion end effector for needle rotation, a basic control system, and a modified machine base designed to accommodate the robot. We presented the prototype at the show, seeking feedback on our concept and its potential acceptance.

After returning from the show, our engineering team immediately got to work on the Needle Grinder system, starting with a clean slate design.

We carefully considered the feedback we received, identifying areas where enhancements were needed and acknowledging the aspects that were met with resounding success. For a span of 13 months, our dedicated engineering team poured their expertise into designing an extraordinary system that encompasses compactness, efficiency, user-friendliness, and an attractive appearance that makes it a standout feature in any workshop.

Throughout the design process, we focused on several key aspects:

We are immensely thrilled and proud of the remarkable results achieved with the Needle Grinder’s evolution, surpassing our initial testing phase and now in production.

Take a look at the latest version of the system in action: