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Operator Interface Overview

Changing Programs

Operator Interface

The operator interface of the machine was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The goal was to minimize the need for interaction with a robot pendant, making it accessible even to non-engineers. The machine’s programming and operation are remarkably straightforward, therefore addressing a common concern about complexity. All interactions are carried out through the intuitive Windows-based operator interface.

Featuring a visually appealing 24″ touchscreen control, the daily operation of the machine is both simple and user-friendly. Programming a new profile is a breeze, with step-by-step guidance provided on the screen. In less than two minutes, a Trocar needle can be programmed, and with just eight button clicks, the machine can switch between a Trocar and a Menghini, allowing for seamless production of different parts.

The Interface

The machine’s interface features a multitude of user-friendly panels that ensure ease of use and straightforward operation, eliminating the need for specialized engineering assistance. An impressive demonstration of this occurred when a visiting company presented a challenging task: grinding a complex six-grind specialty needle. They had been struggling with the needle production for about 9 months using their existing equipment. To their astonishment, we were able to produce a high-quality sample within just 15 minutes using the machine’s interface. This showcases the remarkable simplicity and efficiency of programming a needle with our user-friendly interface.

Data Collection

The needle grinder interface offers additional noteworthy features, including a data collection module that automatically gathers essential data such as cycle times and dressing times. Graphing capabilities are built-in, allowing for convenient visualization of the collected data. Moreover, when integrated with automatic gauging, the system can graph and display the gauging results.

Programmable Processes

Dressing the wheel is a programmable process performed using a stepping motor traverse. The advancement of the diamond is also programmable, and the system includes automatic compensation after dressing.

Access Control

To ensure proper access control, the machine comes equipped with multiple password levels. These levels include Operator, Technician, and Engineer, with each level granting appropriate access based on the individual’s training. Customization options are available to tailor the access levels as needed.