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Needle Grinding Reinvented

It all began with a pivotal “Ahhhhh Haaa” moment – that spark of inspiration that drives innovation. Just four weeks later, we had a working prototype, and after an arduous journey of 13 months, we proudly introduced the world to our groundbreaking creation: the Needle Grinder. In an industry yearning for fresh ideas and a new approach, Royal Master stepped up to the plate.

The Needle Grinder Deep Dive

Leveraging modern technology, our extensive 73-year grinding expertise, a team of talented engineers, and boundless ingenuity, we crafted a system that surpasses all others in grinding all types of needles.

It operates with unparalleled speed, delivers superior quality, and maximizes efficiency. Whether you’re dealing with modest runs of 500 needles per week or handling a staggering workload of 50,000+ needles weekly, this remarkable Needle Grinder effortlessly accommodates both scenarios while maintaining an astonishing level of efficiency.

We take immense pride in our achievement, and we are excited to revolutionize the needle grinding landscape with our cutting-edge solution.

Machine Details

External Dimensions
Length: 76” (1.9m)
Width:  70” (1.77m)
Height: 106.8 (4.2m)

End Effector: 14 Needles at a time
Shortest Needle: .500” (12.7mm)
Longest Needle: 63” (1.6m)
Smallest Diameter: 0.008” (.2mm)
Largest Diameter: .146” ( 3.7mm)
Materials: All Materials Including Coated Needles

Needle Types

System Summary

In 2019, we approached the needle grinding challenge with a creative mindset. The concept we developed and showcased to customers at MDM in the same year proved to be a true game-changer. The Needle Grinder system stands out due to its exceptional operational efficiency throughout the entire process.

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Whether grinding one or fourteen pieces at a time, this fully robotic system streamlines the process, incorporating post-processing without requiring any operator interaction. The needle blanks can be automatically loaded into the robot end effector, simplifying the workflow. Whether it’s a trocar needle or one with a Franseen or Menghini tip, programming and grinding are equally straightforward.

Following the grinding process, the robot can present the needles for further treatment, such as high-pressure water blasting to remove any feathers or utilizing systems like Keyence or Cognex. These post-processing steps, which are often done manually by operators, can be seamlessly integrated into the system based on customer requirements. The result is a highly efficient, automated solution that significantly enhances the overall needle grinding process.